The Society of Nigerian Artists engenders the highest standards of scholarship, creativity, criticism and teaching of the visual arts in Nigeria to encourage intellectual advancement and the development of skills that enrich visual arts professionals and their contribution to national development.


To uphold excellence and engender the highest professional standards in the practice of visual arts in Nigeria while encouraging its appreciation through publications, research, education and exhibitions.


The SNA represents the diverse community of visual arts professionals in Nigeria by promoting originality and excellence in scholarship, creativity, interpretation, and teaching in the practice of visual arts in Nigeria.

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Our Logo is the most visible representation of the
Society. It consists of our name and symbol,

The Queen Idia mask.

Its history dates back to more than 500 years ago.
Queen Idia was the mother of Oba Esigie, one of Benin kingdom’s greatest kings,
A revered warrior, she helped conquer his enemies and save the kingdom from collapse.

In appreciation, he created the title of Iyoba (Queen Mother) and commissioned the mask.

Carved from ivory, the Queen Idia mask is one of the most iconic

works of the royal arts of the ancient Benin kingdom (1440-1897).

Produced mainly for the Oba to affirm his divine nature, as well as record historical events,

Benin art is renowned all over the world for its excellent craftsmanship.


This section contains updated information about artists, scholars , museums, professionals, educators and other members of the visual arts community to facilitate professional development.

It includes bursaries funding for artistic projects, notices of residencies, employment opportunities, calls for papers and to submit work to exhibitions and as well as competitions.

national executives

Lagos Theatre Festival 2019

From February 25 to March 3 2019, over 600 artists will gather to present over 100 performances at 20 Venues at the Lagos Theatre Festival themed “Imagine the Unimaginable ”. Like in 2018, this year's edition will have curated and fringe strands. The fringe is an open-access festival for all genres in the performing arts (small theatre, children’s theatre, dance, film, spoken word, comedy, puppetry, cabaret, music and interdisciplinary arts) and is designed to allow performers/companies not participating in the curated festival an opportunity to present work for viewing.

Lagos Theatre Festival was founded by British Council in 2013 to present performing arts from Nigeria, US, UK, Europe and Africa at large every February in Lagos.

The 2019 National Business Conference

Register to attend the 2019 National Business Conference holding on Thursday, October 3, 2019, in Lagos. Themed "Creating Connections-Building Bridges… Together", and hosted by BNI, the conference aims to provide practical solutions and way forward for businesses and entrepreneurs and present emerging opportunities to harness. There will be connections with quality business professionals and presentations on referrals and networking techniques. In addition, there will industry experts, lectures, business networking and interactions and keynote speakers.

To register, visit https://nationalbusinessconference.com



artist of the month

Sculptor, designer and teacher, Olu Amoda, was born in 1959 in Warri. His technique involves welding several found objects including iron to create sculptures of powerful contrasts. These objects when assembled are at once gritty and seductive, brooding and redemptive, personal and monumental. The power of his work derives from its combination of abstract shapes with pointed references to the human form while the use of other materials enhance the crisp contours and imparts a solidity typical of conventional sculpture. They are imbued with enigmatic beauty that reflects a subtle understanding of context, respect for tradition while embracing modernism and attaining a synthesis between matter and space.

Like his contemporaries living and working on the continent, Amoda provides an alternative, optimistic stance in the repositioning and rewriting of art historical discourse with deep insightful commentaries and observations on the social, economic and political realities of modern Africa. Olu Amoda has participated in several prominent exhibitions including "Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft" at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

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Remembering Bisi Silva

Renowned curator Bisi Silva has died. She passed on at 3:45 pm on Tuesday, February 12, 2019, in Lagos after a long illness. Silva is celebrated for her vision and hard work in inspiring a generation of artists, collectors, students and art enthusiasts across the African continent. She was the founder and artistic director of […]

Review: Music Meets Art

The Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA) in collaboration with the Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON) launched a 3-part programme themed Music Meets Art, comprising of an art exhibition, an award dinner and art auction. The initiative was an avenue to celebrate the ties between both forms of creative expression. The 22nd annual festival of the Musical Society […]

Music Meets Arts

About Music Meets Art The relationship between music and art is an inextricable one and has existed for many centuries. Artists have always celebrated minstrels and singers in paintings and sculpture. Indeed, in traditional African society, the masquerade which is the highest form of creativity embodies music, dance, costume, performance and art – sculpture in […]

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