This existing constitution of the Society of Nigerian Artists is presently being reviewed


The Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA) was founded in 1963, but its first inaugural exhibition was held from 16th-22nd January 1964. In that exhibition, 83 works featured by 12 of the founding members.

At inception membership was restricted to only formally trained artists who are in practice. Presently, membership has been expanded to include art students in tertiary institutions and Nigerian artists practicing overseas.

Initially, exhibitions were organized to encourage members to participate. However, this has improved to include juried exhibitions backed up with well-prepared catalogues. This is an attempt to maintain standards, foster professionalism among members, regulate the practice of art and pave way for a collective bargaining.

In addition, these developments were intended to consolidate the Society’s position as the authoritative body to which government will have recourse to, on artistic matters.

The Nigerian artist, under the umbrella of the Society of Nigerian Artists has made tremendous professional progress at home and abroad. The

Society has taken Nigerian arts to diverse parts of the world.

The Society continues to co-operate with governmental organizations, universities, polytechnics, technical institutes and other bodies in promoting the changing role of the artists in society and in advancing the aims and objectives of the Society.

The Society of Nigerian Artists is a member of the International Association of Artists (IAA) an affiliate of UNESCO. The Society also works in concert with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

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