Strategic Plan

STRATEGIC PLAN 2016 – 2019

You are invited to review the principal goals and objectives of the Society of Nigerian Artists as outlined in Strategic Plan 2016–2019, which will commence in January 2017. It is the result of over four months of work by the National Executive, including a comprehensive survey of members, as well as stakeholders in the visual arts about the future direction of the Society. The Chapter chairmen and their members also reviewed a draft version of the plan before final approval by the Executive. Therefore, this strategic plan reflects the thoughts of all SNA members and I am confident that it lays the foundation for the Society to address critical issues in the visual arts, including professional development, changing academic workforce, digital expertise and resources, advocacy, diversity, and social communication.

Please join me in celebrating a most successful future for the SNA.

Oliver Enwonwu

President, SNA


Goals of the Strategic Plan 2016–2019

Mission Statement:

The Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA) as the umbrella body for all visual arts practitioners in Nigeria, has a mission to uphold excellence and engender the highest professional standards in the practice of visual art in Nigeria while encouraging its appreciation through publications, research, education and exhibitions.

Vision Statement:

To realize this mission, the SNA:

  1. Supports all Nigerian visual arts professionals.
  2. Improves access to its programmes and services for increased engagement and participation.
  3. Reaches out nationally, and internationally to provide forums for the exchange of research, creative work, methodologies, and pedagogies.
  4. Develops and advocates positions to benefit and protect its membership.

Goal I: Membership, Programmes and Publications

Cultivate and support individual and institutional members by providing programmes, publications, services and opportunities that reflect the changing needs of the profession.

A. Membership:

Publish regularly, a register of active members and implement stratification.

Increase national and international participation in the Society’s activities.

Cultivate the membership of professionally allied visual arts communities that are under-represented in SNA’s membership, such as curators, conservators, designers and art liberians, while seeking participation of their organisations as institutional members.

Formulate such policies as are necessary for the promotion of members welfare one of which shall be the establishment of the SNA Health Insurance Scheme(H.I.S).

Establish an Artists’ Registration Commission.

B. Programmes:

Re-evaluate the annual conference (CONADEV) structure, format and related technologies.

Continue to identify and encourage internal and external collaborations to support participation in CONADEV by international scholars and artists.

Develop an online mentorship programme to help members at all stages of their careers navigate the various segments of their postgraduate and professional careers through practical guidance and support.

Explore the feasibility of a professional-development webinar series and/or live streaming and video sales of sessions/programmes.

Build collaborations with other disciplines in which visual thinking and knowledge of the history of visual production promote productive cross-disciplinary thinking.

Assess the feasibility of conducting small, regional, and/or international conferences around important issues of interest (in collaboration with other organizations) during the year for core constituent groups.

C. Publications:
Encourage the use of multimedia and interactive tools in online publications, while adding to trends in scholarly research and adapting new modes of publishing.


Goal II: Communications

Enhance communications throughout the Society by understanding of the needs of existing and potential constituents.

Improve communications across other disciplines to increase awareness of SNA’s value.

Redesign the SNA website and effective display of existing and new information to enhance user experience.

Develop online communication platform and improve social media strategies to facilitate communication among members and between members and the broader public.


Goal III: Advocacy

Continue to prepare advocacy statements that reinforce SNA’s commitment to free speech and expression, preservation and protection of art works and other related civic issues that support members and the visual arts.

Strengthen advocacy by targeting high-priority national and international issues in the visual arts while developing an agile response strategy to address arising issues.

Raise awareness of SNA’s advocacy work through ongoing promotion.

Develop a substantive plan to study and document current trends in workforce practices related to contingent, adjunct, and part-time faculty and employees to advocate on behalf of SNA members and to develop an appropriate set of best practices.


Goal IV: Governance

Evaluate SNA’s governance policies and structure in response to SNA’s changing needs and commitments and recommend appropriate changes that will best serve SNA members and constituent groups.

Strengthen the SNA Executive and committee leadership through the regular evaluation of roles, responsibilities, representation, and procedures.

Streamline and strengthen the effectiveness of committees and award juries to generate agile responses to immediate concerns.

Communicate regularly with members about governance matters and in particular, emphasize the importance of sustaining effective committees.

Cultivate leaders in the field while soliciting their involvement to serve on committees.

Establish a functioning and fully equipped national secretariat.


Goal V: Finance and Development

Continue to provide broad and professional oversight in maintaining a disciplined budget, prudent expenditures, while identifying new funding and revenue opportunities to sustain a sound financial foundation for SNA’s future development.

Strengthen SNA’s financial position, while recognizing changing economic conditions, as well as challenges and opportunities in the field to meet the needs of members.


National Executive Council

Oliver Enwonwu                                President

Diseye Tantua                                     Vice President, South East

Dr Adam Sheikh Lemu                     Vice President, Middle Belt

Atiku Abubakar                                  Vice President, North

Archibong Bassey                              Honourable General Secretary

Yemi Oladipo                                     Treasurer

Binta Garba                                         Assistant General Secretary

Adebola Adalumo                              Financial Secretary

Chidimma Nwankwo                        Publicity Secretary

Sir Chuka Nnabuife                          Ex – Officio

Comrade David Aigbe                      Ex – Officio

Dr Harrie Bazunu                             Ex – Officio


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