Art Business

Business Overview
Art business exposes individuals to access the daily business, legal and professional practice information, advice, documentation and tools which will help you to run your visual arts business. Industry professionals have provided all the content.

SNA hopes that these tools will better equip you in running your life and managing your business.

The Society has provided accounting tools that will help you keep track of how much money you are receiving and spending.


Generic contracts have been developed for the visual arts industry. For instance, we have included such contracts as; The Sale of an Artwork Agreement, Commissioning of an Artwork Agreement, Condition Report, Delivery Note, Artist – Gallery Agreement and so forth.
We provide a wide variety of visual arts advice suitable for the visual arts community. For instance, we discuss the benefits of art insurance so that you may protect your artwork or art collection from loss or damage from unforeseen events. We will also discuss the different types of tax in the Tax Section and the taxes you should or should not pay.

We provide advice on a various topics. For instance, for the more advanced user, we discuss how to go about planning your career and managing your life.



Contracts are legal agreements between two or more parties that can be upheld in court. A written contract stipulates the terms and conditions of an arrangement. The terms of the agreement are agreed on before the business begins with the contract being signed. This avoids potential conflicts when disagreements do arise.



By using contracts you prevent disagreements and possible financial losses during later stages of a business relationship. When disagreements arise the contract is consulted to find the initial agreement. Contracts help guide you through the negotiation processes. If you and your business partners are still in disagreement after you have consulted your contracts, you can decide to go for mediation or arbitration or you can decide to go to small claim court or court.

Contracts can help prevent disagreements and unnecessary, unwanted and expensive legal proceedings.

If you feel comfortable with a business arrangement, it is best to put it in writing. Contracts become even more important if you do not feel entirely comfortable with the business arrangement. If you do not want to use contracts, you should read though them because their contents will help you understand what you should be discussing when you go into a business relationship.

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