The Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA) offers an opportunity to be part of a broad network of visual arts professionals, businesses and organizations committed to the development of our industry. New members benefit from participating in a range of programmes and initiatives while also supporting the Society and its works.

By becoming a member of the Society, you:

  •   Attend SNA meetings and contribute to the vision and primary responsibilities of the Society and the visual arts profession.
  • Receive a newsletter twice a month that provides local and international opportunities for funding, residencies, exhibitions etc.
  • Contribute to on-going representation, policy research and consultation with government for better processes, funding structures and transparency for artists.
  • Contribute to a wide range of development projects, support projects and research into creating a more robust visual arts sector.
  • Develop your skills and working knowledge through access to useful resources and learning platforms.
  • Gain access to up to minute information on work, travel, learning and creative development opportunities, locally and internationally


membership is open to all Nigerian students, artists and art professionals regardless of religion, gender and physical disability. Membership is also open to all departments of art and art history, museums, galleries, publishers, as well as other professionals and arts related commercial organizations.


Application for membership except in the case of honorary members shall be to the Honorable General Secretary by the membership application form. Admission to membership shall be by a majority decision of the Executive Council. The Society on the recommendation of the Executive Council may confer honorary membership on a deserving individual.

Full members shall be holders of a degree or diploma obtained from any school of art in Nigeria or abroad, recognized by the Society or holders of any equivalent standard approved by the Executive Council, and who satisfy all the conditions for admission to full membership of the Society.

Student members are drawn from the departments of art in Nigerian colleges and universities. Applications for student membership shall be made to the Honorable General Secretary through the head of the concerned art college .A student ceases to be a student member upon the completion of his/her course.

All members are bound to further to the best of his/her ability the objects, interest and influence of the Society.