SNA welcomes affiliated societies, groups of art professionals and other organizations whose goals and views are generally in consonant with those of the SNA.

An interested group must be national in scope and provide evidence that:

  • It is primarily committed to the practice and advancement of the visual arts or to the study of a major area of the history of art.
  • It has a formal organizational structure with elected officers, identifiable membership, and evidence of on-going activity such as a newsletter, periodical or exhibition record.



Online Directory

Plans are in place to publish an online Directory of Affiliated Societies that will include information about each affiliate society including; name, date of founding, size of membership, annual dues, name and address of president and/or corresponding secretary, and a statement of twenty-five to fifty words on their purpose.


Information and articles about affiliated societies will also be published regularly.  Affiliated societies are encouraged to provide information about new and exciting activities, awards, publications, conferences, as well as exhibition announcements. In addition, calls for papers, conferences, notices, and award applications will be posted on the SNA website.


Applications for this category of membership will be screened by the Executive Council.

Click here to join SNA as an affiliated society.

Financial Obligations for an Affiliated Society

Up to 100 individual members:                  N10, 000
101 to 1,000 individual members:             N20, 000
1,001 to 5,000 individual members:         N45, 000
Over 5,000 individual members:               N65, 000