SNA Newsletters

The SNA e-newsletter was established in 2015 as a bi-monthly publication in partnership with the Visual Art Network, South Africa (VANSA). Run for a year, the newsletter provides artists with news of exhibitions, as well as opportunities for funding and residencies on the African continent and internationally. Today, the Society’s newsletter is published as a monthly in association with Revilo Company Limited. In addition to its previous content, it features up-to date news on exhibitions and other art related events, studio visits, interviews with artists and key members of the Lagos art community. Segments like ‘Icon’ and ‘Artist of the Month’ celebrate important Nigerian artists while promoting their work to new and broader audiences.

The SNA meets its objectives to engender the highest professional standards among its members in the practice and teaching of the visual arts in Nigeria through its vigorous programme of conferences, exhibitions and lectures.

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March 2017 Edition


January 2017 Edition


November 29, 2016 Edition


November 16 -23, 2016 Edition


November 8 -15,  2016 Edition