Who is eligible to apply for Fellowship?

Only those  who have been members for a minimum of five consecutive year, and in good standing, may seek Fellowship.

What is the definition of a member in “good standing?”
You are considered a member in good standing when you have paid in full the member dues required for the current year.

I want to encourage a member to apply for Fellowship. What do I do?
Contact the member and determine that he/she meets the criteria. You might then assist the member by reviewing the application together and identifying SNA members who could provide the necessary letters of reference. The interested member should then follow the necessary steps to proceed with the Fellowship application process.

I want to nominate myself for Fellowship. What do I do?
Familiarize yourself with all sections of the application and select the category under which you wish to submit. Identify the SNA members who will write your letters of reference. Compile all the requested information outlined in the application.

If I submitted an application for Fellowship in a previous year and I was not accepted, do I need to submit a new application?
Yes, a new application including the N25,000 non-refundable fee and all the supporting documentation are required to be reconsidered.

Who can write my letters of reference?
Only current SNA members in good standing may write letters of reference. At least two of those letters need to be written by current members of the SNA College of Fellows. These individuals should be well known to you and able to attest to your professional achievements.

How long should the reference letters be?
Limit a reference letter to one page. The letters should be succinct and provide the Selection Committee with specific examples to support your achievements.

Who should the letters of reference be addressed to?
Address letters to the General Secretary, Society of Nigerian Artists.

Five letters of reference are required. May I submit more than five letters?
No. Only five letters of reference will be accepted. Additional letters will not be considered or included in your evaluation.

How will I know if my reference letters have been received by the SNA General Secretary?
You will receive confirmation via email when your letters have been received. However, it is solely your responsibility to see that your reference letters are submitted to the SNA Secretariat by the stated deadline.

When do I pay the N25,000 application fee?
The application fee must accompany your submitted application and collateral materials. Applications submitted without the N25,000 fee will not be considered.

If my application for fellowship is not accepted will the N25,000 fee be refunded to me?
No. The application fee is non-refundable.

Who is on the Fellows Selection Committee?
The 2017 Fellows Selection Committee consists of Members of the College of Fellows.

When will I know whether my application has been successful?
If you are selected for induction, you will be notified via telephone no later than mid-April in the year of application.

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For any questions on the Fellowship process, contact:

Mr Archibong Bassey

General Secretary, Society of Nigerian Artists

0803 510 0257